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About Us....

Having a piece of this great earth to call our own and to raise our kids and critters on has been a goal of ours from day one.  Jess and I have planned and worked and waited until that right piece of dirt, that right deal, finally presented itself.  Rockin J Ranch, in Prewitt, NM is the culmination of that time and effort.  We currently own a nice little chunk of what used to be the Andrews Ranch.  (Quick history lesson:  My dad was like a son to Mrs. Andrews and he was at their place  as much as he was at his own home while growing up.  He spent many a day working cows and playing in the ruins on the old Andrews Ranch.  -- Mind you, we knew none of this until after we’d sealed the deal and shared our progress with him.) 

We started out with three little heifers:  Marty, Chicken and Vanilla.  Marty made the cut and is still our #1 herd cow.  She’s quite a character.  Along with Marty, we keep a few select cows, year round, one for each of the kids.   Sometimes, those cows change, but each of the kiddoes has a momma cow to carry through the winter and calf for them in the spring.   The herd varies throughout the spring, summer and fall.  So far, our largest number was sixteen head.  That was a nice little herd. 

We’ve also added llamas as guard animals, and I’ll tell you, there’s not been a dog in the pasture since we moved them in.  They’re really interesting animals and we’ve had a lot of fun with them.  So far, we’ve raise two cria and are hoping for one or two more in the spring.  To keep the herd from getting too big, our male llama found a new place to live last Fall.  The girls are full of personality and the babies are adorable.

The horses are my dream.  Since I was a little girl, I wanted to raise horses – preferably pretty paint horses.  It took a long time and a lot of planning, but that dream is also finally coming through.  The right horses came along at the right prices and we now have a select group of nice broodmares, a proven stallion and a young up-and-coming stallion.  Our first foal crop will hit the ground this Spring and we are excited to see them.

The house and corrals are in the works.  The barn and catch pen are built.  Our pump house and water system is also up and going.  A little more gets done every day and it’s coming along well.

Of course, the number 1 thing we work for is our family.  Our kids are awesome individuals.  They’re growing by leaps and bounds and learn so much, so quickly.  The ranch has been a wonderful place for them, and will continue to be.  Hopefully, one day, they’ll be able to share their own little chunk of it with our grandkids.  Y’know, when they’re 40....

Welcome to our little chunk of the world.  We hope you get as much joy out of it as we do!  Take a virtual stroll, and if you’re ever of the mind to, come on by.  We’re happy to share!

Jess & Jori
"Dill," "Midge," "YoYo"
"Penny" & "Nikki"